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  • How do I implement my CBD Tinctures?
    We have discovered several different ways to use your CBD tinctures. Humans can put it in their teas, coffee, drop it under the tongue, and apply it to your favorite sweet when baking!
  • How much should I use?
    Follow the recommended dose on the CBD product selected for your own personal usage. Every human body is different when consuming CBD. Take it for a week to identify how your body reacts to the product.
  • What does the measurement mean?
    Pharmorgangix tinctures have 1000mg in each bottle we produce. and the whole liquid solution is measured in fluid ounces (oz.), while the CBD content will be labeled as milligrams (mg).
  • What is the history of CBD?
    In today's society humans believe that CBD is a new and innovative. However, it's been here for years! Roger Adamns was a Harvard alumni who had successfully isolated the first cannabinoid also known as cannabidiol (CBD).
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